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“Hajia 4 Real was not wise”- Blakk Rasta lambasts Mona 4 Real

Ghanaian Raggae artiste, poet, and radio presenter, Blakk Rasta, has come out hard on Hajia 4 Real’s comment on her anticipated arrival in Ghana this July, stating that she was not wise in making such comments.  

In an interview yesterday on United Showbiz, the reggae artist condemned Hajia 4 Real for publicly revealing her imminent arrival after she granted an interview with blogger, GH Hyper.  

Hajia 4 Real, who is currently under house arrest in America, granted an interview with GH Hyper and  mentioned that she will be in Ghana in July and hence will be available for the blogger’s scheduled Lounge in July.  

In commenting on Hajja’s statement, Blakk Rasta cautioned that care needs to be taken since her lawyer might just be interested in her having temporal movement freedom and not ultimate freedom from the charges leveled against her in the Manhattan court. 

“For me, Hajia 4real has not been wise. Her legal counsel might just be interested in her walk. As to what would happen to her after, ” I succeeded in getting you out; give me my money,” it’s not every lawyer that is interested in your welfare. They are only interested in making you walk. Once you walk, even if it is 2 minutes, and you are shut, they don’t care. They have taken their money; they have set you free,” he stated.  

He further cautioned that, per his insights into the dealings of top American investigation bodies, the CIA and FBI, the happenings around Mona’s case might be a bait to arrest other suspects pertaining to the case under trial.  

“Let us be very careful about this whole thing surrounding Hajia 4 Real’s things. For me, as someone who has followed the workings of the CIA and the FBI, it points to the direction:  Free her, let her go out, let’s catch the other ones, nothing more.” He remarked.  

He made statements shrouded in proverbs and made an analogy of her case as against Ackah Blay Miezah, known as the “King of Africa 419” who duped people, including statesmen, whom the FBI didn’t come after, implying it is not every case they show interest in.  

“You will say black Rasta said it. The charges are extremely deep. How many times have you heard the FBI came here to arrest someone. Ackah Blay Miezah was running around stealing people’s money. Did FBI come for him because he was stealing money? deep-rooted stealing. Before they realized, he had tricked presidents, Rawlings and Achemapong, they had to lock him up, and he died,” he remarked. 

Mona Montrage was extradited to the United States of America over a $2 million romance scam. She was granted bail. After pleading not guilty, she was granted $500,000 in bail under home detention at her aunt’s residence in New Jersey while having a GPS tracker locked to her ankle.    

Richmond Ampofo Fordjour
Richmond Ampofo Fordjour
Richmond Ampofo Fordjour is a Student Journalist at the University of Media, Arts, and Communication, Uni-MAC GIJ. He is a Research enthusiast and an avid reader.


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