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Innovation for Empowerment and Development (IFED) Announces dates for 2024 Conference in Accra, Ghana

For the past 9 years (2015- 2024), Innovation for Empowerment and Development, (IFED) Global has championed growth and development on the African continent through its capacity building initiatives. Outstanding among these initiatives is the flagship International Youth Diplomacy Conference (IYDC- Accra) which has built the foundation of several transformational leaders across the African continent. Since its inception, the International Youth Diplomacy Conference has hosted over 3,000 Africans in Accra Ghana, year on year with the exception of 2020 marked by the global COVID-19 pandemic. 

Through this conference, African youth have not only been equipped with skills acquired from Model United Nations General Assembly simulations and Committee sessions, they have also been empowered to enhance and develop their potential to take charge of their destinies and align their vision first to lead themselves and then to lead others to the attainment of strategic sustainable goals that can transform the continent.  

The future looks great for IFED Global and all its stakeholders from a retrospective perspective juxtaposed by a strong leadership drive to fulfill its objectives of empowering its human resource for development on the continent. The way forward in the creation of jobs and other opportunities can be grouped into the themes of intentional planning, innovations, networking/positioning, dialoguing, and strategic implementation of all the above with relevant stakeholders with common interests and prepared to make a remarkable difference for and on the African continent.  

Today, the IYDC can boast of nurturing and molding exemplary leaders within and outside Africa in various responsible offices and positions of influence. By virtue of the consistency in which the conference has thrived for long, it has evolved and churned out as a Global event that the youth in Africa and in the diaspora always look forward to attending.  

IFED Global with its focus on development and empowerment has also extended its coverage from the youth to onboard teens, senior high school students, and the mature generation with its other initiatives like GJMUN PLUS, GSMUN PLUS, and DDTP which are Model United Nations Conferences, and trainings respectively.  This is because we believe that Leadership must be inculcated from a very early age.

It promises to be exciting, interactive, and inspiring come August 22nd -25th, 2024, The Global Junior and Global Senior Model United Nations Conferences will host many young and ambitious future leaders at the University of Ghana, Legon Campus under the theme,‘Building Bridges for a Sustainable Future- Young Leaders Role in Harnessing partnerships and innovation for achieving the SDG’s.’ The age group for the GJMUN targets younger ones between ages 9-14 years from Primary to Junior High Schools while the GSMUN targets the youth from ages 15-19 years mostly within the Senior High School bracket.

The International Youth Diplomacy Conference, IYDC Accra this year goes by the same theme of GJMUN and GSMUN and is targeted at youth ages 19years and above; that is from the tertiary bracket into early-mid career levels.

The conference which will be graced by notable speakers including Ambassadors of States, Senior Policy and International relations experts, Corporate Executives, Business & Social influencers, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and Media personalities among others will also have very exciting and challenging activities including;

• Opening Plenary

• Global Village- A welcome night of cultural display that projects every African country represented at the Conference.

• General Assembly where every delegate gets to present their position paper (builds confidence and public speaking skills.)

• Committee Sessions: Enhances negotiations, lobbying, and diplomatic skills

• Ambassadorial visits: Delegates visit or are visited by ambassadors and top diplomats for tete a tetes which inspire hope and excellence in the young ones.

• Accra City Tour: A tour around Accra and visit specific interesting sites of significance to Ghana’s history.

• Games and Socials|: A time of fun, games, cooking competitions, and aerobic sessions among delegates: Enhances fitness, healthy competition socialization, and networking

• Diplomatic Dinner and Awards night: Delegates get rewarded for their participation and outstanding performances with certificates and rewards.

All the above curated activities including accommodation, feeding, conference materials, transportation, and the entire LIFE- CHANGINGexperience goes for a package of GHS 1500.OO

In Summary;

1. International Youth Diplomacy Conference (IYDC ACCRA, 2024) 

Age: 19yrs and above 

Level: Tertiary and young working-class

Fee: 1,500cedis

Date: 28th- 31st August 2024

Venue: University of Ghana, Legon

Registration link: https://www.ifedglobal.org/iydc-registration/

2. Global Junior Model United Nations Plus Conference.

Age: (9-14yrs)

Level: Junior High School

Fee: 1,500cedis

Date: 22nd- 25th August 2024

Venue: University of Ghana, Legon

Registration link: https://www.ifedglobal.org/iydc-registration/

3. Global Senior Model United Nations Conference (15- 19yrs) 

Level: Senior High School/College

Fee: 1,500 cedis

Date: 22nd- 25th August 2024

Venue: University of Ghana, Legon

Registration link: https://www.ifedglobal.org/gs-mun-registration/

For further inquiries on registration, sponsorships, and partnerships, contact the Telephone numbers: +233(0) 209094279/543062139

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