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Jury finds Donald Trump sexually assaulted columnist E Jean Caroll in ’90s

Former American President, Donald Trump has been found by a jury to have sexually abused a Magazine Columnist of the New York Department Store, E.Jean Caroll in 1990

Donald trump has also been found liable for defamationby the jury for calling the Writer’s accusations “a Hoax and line” however his is not found liable   for raping Jean Caroll in the dressing room of Bergdorf Goodman

Trump didn’t attend the two-week civil trial in the Manhattan on Tuesday the jury, six men and three women reached their decision after less than three hours of deliberation.

E. Jean Caroll smiled and held the hands of both her lawyers while the verdict was read in court and the jury awarded her damages.

In a post on his social media platforms, Donald Trump denied knowing the woman and condemned the verdict “I have absolutely no idea who this woman is.

“This verdict is a disgrace – a continuation of the greatest witch hunt of all time!”

It was a tense trial as Ms Caroll’s legal team called 11 witnesses to corroborate her claims that Mr Trump had assaulted her in the lingerie department of the luxury store in 1995 or 1996.

The witnesses included two women who also claimed they were sexually assaulted by Mr Trump decades ago. One woman told jurors that Mr Trump groped her during a flight in the 1970s. And another woman said that Mr Trump had forcibly kissed her while she was interviewing him for an article she was writing in 2005.

Two long-time friends of Carroll testified that she told them about the encounter with Mr Trump shortly after it occurred.

On the stand, Ms Carroll described in graphic detail what she alleges happened in the store and the trauma she says she has endured as a result.

“I’m here because Donald Trump raped me and when I wrote about it, he lied and said it didn’t happen,” she told the court.

Mr Trump called no witnesses and appeared only in a video of a deposition that was played for jurors in which he denied rape.

“It’s the most ridiculous, disgusting story,” Mr Trump said in the footage. “It’s just made up.”

The key moments from Trump’s civil rape trial
Ms Carroll’s lawsuit argued that Mr Trump had defamed her in an October 2022 post on his social media site in which he called her claims a “complete con job” and “a Hoax and a lie”.

Her legal team argued Mr Trump had acted as a “witness against himself” during the deposition when he doubled down on comments he made in a 2005 recording.

In the audio, known as the Access Hollywood tape and leaked in 2016, Mr Trump suggested women let stars “do anything” to them, including grabbing their genitals.

That’s what he did to Ms Carroll, her lawyer Roberta Kaplan argued. Ms Kaplan is not related to the judge in the case, Lewis Kaplan.

In the recorded video deposition, Mr Trump at one point confused Ms Carroll for his ex-wife, Marla Maples, which Ms Carroll’s lawyers argued undermined his claim that she was “not his type”.

Mr Tacopina sought to cast doubt on Ms Carroll’s story, which he called “a work of fiction”.

He questioned why Ms Carroll could not specify the date of the attack, arguing that it stripped Mr Trump of the chance to provide an alibi.

“With no date, no month, no year, you can’t present an alibi, you can’t call witnesses,” Mr Tacopina said. “What they want is for you to hate him enough to ignore the facts.”

Mr Tacopina also pressed her on why she did not report a crime to police or scream while it occurred.

He raised questions about the scene of the alleged assault, calling it “unbelievable” it could have occurred in a popular department store without any employees to witness it.

Ms Carroll took the stand for three days and told the court how Mr Trump’s claims that her allegations are false had negatively impacted her life.

The former Elle magazine columnist was able to bring the civil case against Mr Trump after New York passed the Adult Survivors Act in 2022.

The law allowed a one-year period for victims to file sexual assault lawsuits in the state involving claims that wouldhave normally exceeded statute limitations.

The standard of proof in civil cases is lower than in criminal cases, meaning that jurors were only required to find that it was more likely than not that Mr Trump assaulted Ms Carroll

Source :bbcnews

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