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Starboy Kwarteng extends heartfelt support for Ghanaian lady as she attempts to break Guinness World Record for longest Singing Marathon

Starboy Kwarteng, the father of the late Ghanaian Dancehall Musician, Ebony Reigns, has shared his heartfelt support for Ms. Afua Asantewaa Aduonum, a Ghanaian journalist, as she embarks on a remarkable journey to break the Guinness World Record for the longest singing marathon by an individual.

 In an interview on Joy Prime with Roselyn Feli, Ms. Asantewaa Aduonum revealed how Ebony Reigns’ love for music deeply resonated with her, expressing her wish that the late diva could witness her pursuit to break this Guinness World Record.

Starboy Kwarteng in expressing his joy and admiration for Ms. Aduonum’s endeavor, found it inspiring that she holds such deep admiration for his late daughter, Ebony Reigns.

In a video shared by the Ghanaian Blogging site, the1957news.com, Starboy Kwarteng took a moment to appreciate Afua’s genuine appreciation for Ebony Reigns during the interview. 

He extended his blessings and well-wishes to Ms. Aduonum, hoping that her efforts would bring honor not only to herself but also to the beloved Mother Ghana.

In a heartfelt plea, Starboy Kwarteng urged fellow Ghanaians to rally behind Ms. Aduonum,  as she strives to achieve this remarkable feat. He reiterated his sentiment that he dearly wished his daughter could have been present to witness this beautiful moment orchestrated by Ms. Aduonum.

Ms. Aduonum’s application to contest for the Guinness World Record for the longest singing marathon by an individual has been approved by the Guinness World Record Board.

 Her goal is to surpass the current record of 105 hours, achieved by Sunil Waghmare in Nagpur, India, from 3rd to 7th March 2012. To break this record, Ms. Aduonum aims to sing for over 117 hours or more, showcasing her dedication and passion for this monumental achievement.

She is expected to start the contest on 24th December and end on 27th December 2023.

Nene Odompleh
Nene Odomplehhttp://www.the1957news.com
The founder of the1957News, a Ghanaian news and entertainment website. He has years of experience in online publishing and content creation and has built a successful online news agency through apt content coverage, timely reporting, and attention to accuracy.


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