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Central Region: Teacher allegedly canes student to death

A student of the Swedru Methodist ‘B’ has allegedly been caned to death by his Teacher on 24, May, 2020 with the case currently in the hands of the Police.

A thirteen year old boy identified as Godfred Ankomah who is a Form ‘2’ student of the Swedru Methodist ‘B’ Government school in Agona Swedru was reported dead following six consecutive lashes her teacher gave him on his back.

Millicent fondly called by the students as ‘Milli’ is the Teacher who allegedly committed the offence in question. Per reports reaching the media, Millicent, the Teacher, gave her students an assignment and stepped out to have a conversation with someone.

When she stepped out, the students started talking after they were done with the assignment, hence she entered the class angered and instructed them to keep mute and they complied.

However, when she stepped out again, the students did not give heed to her instruction but started talking again which annoyed her and she demanded them to present a homework she had given them.

After she marked the home assignment, she informed them she was going to cane them according to the number of wrongs they made in the exercise.

After Godfred presented his assignment, he got six wrongs hence he was to take six canes accordinglly. He told the teacher to rather use the cane on his palm when she tried to cane his back. However, the teacher declined the request and instructed him to kneel.

After she used the cane on his back for the first time, Godfed stood up and complained the cane had hit his spine hence he would take the remaining five with his palms.

The teacher bent on using the cane on his back, declined the request again and finished all five canes on his back which sent the student crying home.

The student reported the incident to his mother and told her to go and question the teacher because she flogged him beyond normalcy. The mother of the student accordingly reported to the teacher the canes hit her son’s spine hence they have to seek medical attention for the lad which she refused.

Upon reaching home, she realized blood accompanied her son’s cough. She then rushed him to the Agona Swedru Hospital. The Doctor administered a drug to the mother and instructed her to come the next day.

The problem intensified when they reached home as blood came from his nose when he sneezed so they returned to the hospital.

They were refered to the Winneba Hospital for an X-Ray scan to diagnose the cause. Unfortunately, en route to the hospital, the student died.

Before his corpse was deposited at the Winneba Hospital mortuary, blood started trickling from his nose.

The parents of the ward have therefore lodged a complaint at the Police station to take legal actions against the teacher.

Richmond Ampofo Fordjour
Richmond Ampofo Fordjour
Richmond Ampofo Fordjour is a Student Journalist at the University of Media, Arts, and Communication, Uni-MAC GIJ. He is a Research enthusiast and an avid reader.


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