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UMI Foundation marks Women’s History Month with “A Lady with a Dream Conference” in Accra

Ghana continues to find itself grappling with persistent gender disparities and unfair treatment meted out to women hindering any plans of unleashing their full potential.

In 2022, Ghana ranked 108th out of the 146 countries in the global gender gap index depicting the uphill battle it faces in achieving gender equality.

It is on the back of this that UMI Foundation, a non-governmental organization (N.G.O) has mobilized women from all walks of life and educational backgrounds at the Ghana Shippers Authority (GSA) to celebrate International Women’s Day with “a lady with a dream conference”.

Themed “Unlocking Possibilities: Empowering Women for Excellence and Impact”, the conference sought to among other things equip women with the necessary tools as well as support their drive for excellence and impact in their chosen fields of profession.

In addition, the occasion provided a space where participants could network with “SMART”, successful women, gain valuable insights and receive mentoring opportunities from accomplished individuals.

The Mayor of Accra, Hon Elizabeth Sackey in her opening remarks intimated that the public sector like other industries was a highly competitive and highly male-dominated environment, and breaking the cycle proved futile however through hard work and diligence women could overcome the obstacles that impede their success.

According to the Mayor, there was a lot of scrutiny in the sector hence she advised the ladies to conduct themselves and uphold values of humility and integrity in the discharge of their duties.

“In progressing in any professional space, I urge you to embrace these key principles; resilience, determination, solidarity, and integrity” she pointed out.

She charged the women to stand firm, take initiative in their lives, and work tirelessly to discover their true potential while committing to life-long learning.

Head of Mission- Diaspora African Forum, Ambassador Erieka Bennet said challenges were inevitable in life and were bound to happen regardless therefore she urged the ladies to use obstacles as a stepping stone to achieve their aspirations.

“If you come in with an attitude of I know it already if you come in with an attitude nobody can tell me anything, then you need to just go home…. but if you come with the attitude, I am going to take one thing from each of these speakers and apply it to my life, you will make it” she insisted.

She stated that the conference was a laudable one due to the fact that it aimed at empowering a multitude of ladies while calling on women to support each other in order to leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

Founder of UMI Foundation, Marina Lamptey stressed that it was time for women to work collaboratively and champion the course for gender parity.

She attributed her success and initiative as a way of honoring her late father’s legacy known for his philanthropic works adding that her foundation suffered many setbacks but never gave up.

CEO of Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA), Osafohene Afua Asabea Asare expressed gratitude to the brain behind the “Lady with a Dream” conference adding that her unwavering commitment to honour her father’s memory through the UMI foundation exemplified the transformative power of philanthropy and the enduring legacy of compassion.

Creative Director at Purple Twirl, Madam Obokuma Ellis expressed excitement for the event stressing that it was a really good step forward since programs to empower women for gender balance were scarce. She encouraged the ladies to be goal-oriented and never lose sight of their social relevance.

Furthermore, H and M consultant, Malika Maney added that throughout school and career stages, women should be in pursuit of building networks and finding mentorship programs because the future is filled with many possibilities.

Director for the Centre for International Education and Collaboration at the University of Professional Studies, Ivy Heward Mills, implored participants to commit to life-long learning while applauding the founder for hosting a productive gathering for social transformation.

Story by Edward Aggrey

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