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VAR Referee fired over Vinicius Jr. racism attack

VAR Refree, Nacho Iglesias Villanueva and five other Referees have been fired following the racism occurrences against Vinicius Jr. yesterday at Mestalla.

The Spanish Football Federation and the Technical Committee of Technical Referees have made a major decision in rectifying racism issues that has soiled the image of the Spanish league by dismissing the Technical Refree who was in charge of the VAR and other five Refrees.

The Technical Referee by the name Nacho Iglesias yesterday was designated to display a recap of events that ensued on the pitch as a VAR Referee for the Referee on the pitch to make a decision in a fixture between Real Madrid and Valencia.

However,  he erroneously displayed inaccurate facts which landed Vinicius Jr. a red card following his altercation with Hugo Duro which sent him off the pitch.

The image cut and video sequence he displayed on the VAR screen obliterated the scene that built up to the Brazilian Winger delivering a blow to Valencia Player, Hugo Duro’s face. The images the Referee saw did not cover the full events which warranted him taking an erroneous decision to show the winger a red card. 

This ceases his opportunity of officiating as a Referee as well as five other Referees as this happens to be the first time a VAR Referee has skewed images of a match. The decision to fire them which  according to the CTA, is needful for the evolution in the league.

The main Referee, De Burgos Bengoechea has been adjudged innocent and impeccable by the Federation as he applied the three steps In making a decision based on images that were sent to him.

This follows a call by Real Madrid, in its second statement, for decisions regarding the VAR to be investigated which the Federation did in the squeezing of a juice to settle.

The Spanish Football Federation has opened further investigations into the Racism occurrence that ensued at the Mastalla yesterday.

Richmond Ampofo Fordjour
Richmond Ampofo Fordjour
Richmond Ampofo Fordjour is a Student Journalist at the University of Media, Arts, and Communication, Uni-MAC GIJ. He is a Research enthusiast and an avid reader.


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