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City’s Youngest Group Chief Financial Officer Whethers The Storm Through Uncertain Times

At just 36 years old, Mr. Kagiso Lerutla CA(SA) holds the impressive title of City of Ekurhuleni’s youngest group chief financial officer. He has been a driving force behind the city’s financial management, particularly during some of its most challenging times. 

With his demonstrated ability to maintain the city’s finances despite major setbacks, including Eskom stage 6 load shedding and a decline in revenue due to business closures and job retrenchments, Lerutla has proven himself to be an adept financial leader.

As group chief financial officer, Lerutla’s responsibilities extend to overseeing the city’s budget and finances. He works to ensure that the city’s financial resources are distributed efficiently across different departments and projects. This includes managing revenue collection, expenditures, investments, and debt.

One of Lerutla’s greatest challenges has been navigating the repercussions of Eskom stage 6 load shedding. To maintain essential services such as water supply and waste management while managing the city’s electricity consumption, Lerutla had to be creative and find new ways to manage the city’s finances.

In addition to this challenge, the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have had a devastating impact on the city’s economy. This led to job losses and business closures, directly affecting revenue collection. Despite these difficult circumstances, Lerutla managed to keep the city’s finances afloat by implementing innovative business models and reducing costs while generating new revenue streams.

To prioritize spending, Lerutla focused on providing essential services to the city, such as health, safety, and security, while maintaining a clean audit opinion from the Auditor General of South Africa for three consecutive years. Lerutla also introduced e-billing and online payment systems, making it easier for businesses and residents to pay their bills and increasing revenue collection.

Kagiso’s story is inspirational, proving that age is not a barrier to success. He has made a significant impact on the City of Ekurhuleni by implementing innovative strategies and serving as a financial leader during difficult times. His work serves as a powerful example for young people who aspire to make a difference in their communities.



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