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Dr. Bawumia Exemplifies the Modern Afrocentric Vice President – Professor Etse Sikanku

Professor Godwin Etse Sikanku, a lecturer and the Head of the Directorate for Research, Innovation, and Development (DRID) at the University of Media Arts and Communication, has praised Ghana’s Vice President, Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia, as the embodiment of a modern Afrocentric vice president.

In his latest political literature book, titled “Dr. Bawumia and the Modern Vice Presidency in Ghana,” Professor Sikanku outlines how Dr. Bawumia has met the expectations of the vice-presidential role. The book was launched on June 7, 2024, at the British Council in Accra, attracting attendees from various walks of life, particularly from academia.

During an interview on the “Good Evening Ghana” show on Metro TV, Professor Sikanku elaborated on the book’s content and the Vice President’s contributions to the nation. He emphasized that while the book primarily focuses on Vice President Dr. Bawumia’s contributions, it also highlights his positive attributes, such as loyalty to the President, empathy, excellence, progressiveness, and forward-thinking nature. These qualities, he noted, promote a political discourse that is respectful and grounded in data.

Professor Sikanku pointed out that the book extends beyond political circles, offering valuable leadership lessons beneficial to corporate bodies and individuals who may not be interested in political affairs. He underscored how Dr. Bawumia’s unique qualities have made the Vice Presidency more visible and transformative during his tenure.

Additionally, Professor Sikanku discussed the importance of the Vice Presidency, emphasizing its role in social justice and in implementing policies that benefit everyday lives.

He concluded that as the Vice President of Ghana, Dr. Bawumia embodies all the qualities and skills expected of a modern Afrocentric vice president, living up to the highest standards of the role.

Story by Christabel Cobbinah & Richmond Ampofo Fordjour



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