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Drunkards threaten demo over Akpeteshie price increment

Akpeteshie Drinkers in the Central Region of Ghana have threatened to stage a demonstration against the government over the continuous increase in the price of Akpeteshie.

To them, the price of one ‘tot’ has increased over the weeks making it very hard for them to buy and enjoy to the fullest.

Some of them who granted Interviews to Adom News complained bitterly about the matter at hand, adding that a gallon of the alcohol which was sold at Gh₵20 has now increased to Gh₵80.

“First, a tot of akpeteshie went for 1 cedi but it has shot up to 2 cedis recently. This is too much,” one told Adom News.

“Things are difficult these days. Consumers are unable to afford the alcoholic beverage due to its persistent increase in price,” he said.

The drunkards Association appealed to the government to help reduce fuel prices so as ease the untold hardship in the country thereby making it possible for the price of Akpeteshie to be reduced so they can afford to buy.

By Lawrence Odoom



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