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I supported Akufo Addo when he was in opposition – Paul Adom-Otchere.

Mr. Paul Adom-Otchere, the host of the Good Evening Ghana show on Metro TV, an Accra-based television station, has revealed that his admiration for President Akufo Addo dates back to when he was in opposition.
In a video on his Twitter page, while Speaking on his good evening Ghana show on Friday, June 10, 2022, Mr. Otchere stated that he has every right to support Akufo Addo, so his critics can also support whom they deem fit.
According to him, those attacking and describing him as “a stomach journalist” are rather thinking unreasonably because even when Akufo Addo was losing elections, he was still in his favor. He added that people think supporting Akufo Addo means you are a stomach journalist, but those who do the same for John Mahama are not.

“When you say stomach journalist, what does it mean? I am acting on the conviction that Akufo Addo is the greatest President of his generation for Ghana. You can think differently…but allow me to think that Akufo Addo is the best, and my thinking of Akufo Addo being the best is not new, it dates back to when he was losing elections so those young people who don’t know the history, and think that I just jumped on a bank wagon, I have supported Nana Addo forever.”

“So when you talk about ‘stomach journalist, you are being illogical and these days when you support Akufo Addo you are a stomach journalist but when you support Mahama you are not… You mean if John Mahama wins the election next time you won’t find journalist in there?” He explained.

Mr. Adom-Otchere has been receiving punches everywhere after he went hard on Togbe Afede XIV, the paramount chief of the Sogli traditional area and the former chairman of the council of state, for refusing to accept an amount paid to him as an ex-gratia after a period where he (Togbe Afede XIV) believes he was just a part-time worker for the nation and also served in his free will, and as such does not deserve that kind of money as ex-gratia.
This criticism got many attacking him and describing him as a stomach journalist, including Oliver Barker Vormawor, the lead convener of the #FixTheCountry fix the country movement, who described him as a stomach Journalist.

“Dr. Paul Adom-otchere. First of his name. Diagnoser of Megalomaniacs. House Boy Econometrician. Stomach Infrastructure Builder. If Inferiority Complex had a name. The Footsoldiers success story. Like President Like Ass-Kisser. MC of Greatest Evening Comedy Show. Grand Master of Serial Callers Anonymous. Airport flower Bouquet Kleptomaniac” Oliver Vormawor to Adom-Otchere.



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