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Lerutla Tops as Big Inspiration for Mankind

Mr. Kagiso Lerutla is an outstanding financial leader with extensive knowledge and experience in the field. As Group Chief Financial Officer of the City of Ekuruleni, he has demonstrated his commitment to excellence throughout his career.

Kagiso Lerutla is the Group Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary of the Ekurhuleni City. He is dedicated to delivering exceptional results for the organization and its stakeholders.

Kagiso was nominated for the 2022 Public Sector CFO Award for his achievements as Group CFO of the City of Ekfulureni.

In addition to his technical skills, Mr. Lerutla is known for his integrity and strategic vision, which has helped the city of Ekurhuleni achieve long-term growth and success. He is a valuable asset to the public sector and is widely recognized as a leading authority in the field of financial management and public sector management. His contributions have helped drive the city’s continued financial stability and sustainability.

Kagiso Lerutla is highly respected and has an accomplished financial professional personality dedicated to delivering results for organizations and their stakeholders. In his role as Group Chief Financial Officer of the City of Ekuleleni, he is committed to excellence and the success of all stakeholders.



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