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“I feel pained whenever I play Ama Esah and Theresa Abebrese” – Daddy Lumba

Ghanaian singer-songwriter, Charles Kwadwo Fosuh, widely known in the entertainment industry as Daddy Lumba, has shared the rationale behind his inability to perform some of his songs on stage.

Basically, his inability to perform some of his songs on stage is due to the personal emotions and attachment related to the song. An example of such a song is ‘Ama Esah’, which he composed specifically to honor his dear late mother. To him, performing such emotional songs on stage might cause him to halt and walk away in the process.

In an interview shared through the legend’s YouTube page, he said,

“Those who are close to me know that I am very emotional, so, I have a lot of songs such as one that I composed for my mother, ‘Ama Esah’, that I can’t perform on stage even if you kill me. Because if I sing it, I would be compelled to stop and leave the stage”.

The above was revealed during his words of motivation backed behind one of his hit songs dubbed, “Theresa Abebrese”.

Daddy Lumba thereby stated that it (Theresa Abebrese) is one of his songs he cannot stage perform because it was composed for his deceased mother, and therefore knowing that the mother’s kind of woman exists not, the emotions stuck to it prevents him from performing it. Nevertheless, he stated that he would surely perform it one day to honor her.

“Looking at how pretty, how empathetic, and how smart she was, and knowing that a woman of Theresa’s calibre is no longer in this world, I feel pained whenever I play the song. I’ve never been able to perform it on stage before, but I will do well to perform it one day in her honor”.

Story by Salome Kwaw

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