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There are no greener pastures abroad – Kate Addo cautions Ghanaian youth

Director of Public Affairs, Parliament of Ghana, Kate Addo, has cautioned Ghanaian youth to desist from the delusion of seeking greener pastures outside Ghana, as nothing exists as greener pastures out there.

In a panel discussion on the Couch talk show, hosted by Maame Ama Pratt, marking Pan African Television’s 7th anniversary, she counseled students transitioning from the education field into the workforce to deal with the misconception of migration, which happens to be one of the plethora of information they are inundated with on social media.

“For your purposes, I think one of the misconceptions you get as a result of the plethora of information on social media platforms, is migration. You assume that the grass is greener at any other side than the side that you are”

“Do not focus your attention on leaving and seeking greener pastures anywhere. There is nothing like that out there.” She said.

She further disclaimed “migration hunger” citing her experience overseas and asserting that there are a plethora of opportunities in Ghana and freedom as compared to outside.
Stressing the opportunities available in Ghana, she mentioned that the youth will enjoy the freedom and luxury of ‘first class citizenship’, which is not guaranteed elsewhere. This, she said, in turn helps the nation develop.

“The opportunities you get here in Ghana far outweigh the ones that you get abroad. There are a few exceptions of people who go and do well especially those who go into the health services delivery part of employment.”

“First of all you are in your own country you are helping to develop the country but you are also a first-class citizen. So you study information services when you go to America, what are you going to do” she noted.

However, the parliamentary staff did not deny that seeking opportunities overseas is good, as “they are eye openers, but it shouldn’t be a do-or-die activity for you”.

She joined two phenomenal women in society, Hon. Fati Abubakr, Deputy Minister of Information, and Hon. Emelia Arthur, Aspiring Member of Parliament for Shamaa Constituency, to discuss the topic, “Empowering Ghanaian Woman: overcoming challenges and inspiring changes”

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