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Chef Dammy receives mixed reactions over attempt to break Hilda Baci’s record

An Ekiti-based cook, Damiola Okesola, popularly known as Chef Dammy, has received a mixed reaction from netizens as she started the bid to break Hilda Baci’s 100-hour cooking record, which is yet to be recognized by Guinness World Records.

Chef Dammy, a Nigerian cook, blogger, and YouTuber, commenced her bid to break her fellow Nigerian compatriot, Hilda Bacis’s cooking record, on June 9 at 12:00 am at Foyer jumped road, Ekiti. She is set to break the 100-hour cooking marathon and set the bar higher at 120 hours. She has attracted attention, as she got over 300 views on Instagram when she started her live video.

However, the challenge has come with the brouhaha on social media. She has gotten a mixed reaction from netizens, as some are commending her while others are mocking her. Some are badmouthing her as trying to gain fame and sabotage a fellow Nigerian; others are making fun of the kitchen setup and how she has garnished the foods prepared so far.

Other people have also started gobbling up some noodles prepared by her and showering praise on the delicious food.

Hilda Baci put Nigeria on the map and was commanded by celebrities and state officials. She gave several interviews; however, Guinness World Record released a statement on May 16 saying they were looking into the feat to review it.

“She’s hoping to snap up the record title for the longest cooking marathon (individual), which currently belongs to Lata Tondon (India) with a time of 87 hr 45 min”.

“Hilda began cooking on Thursday and continued through to Monday, reportedly whipping up 55 recipes and more than 100 meals in a whopping 100-hour stint.”

“Officials on our records team look forward to reviewing the evidence and hope to be able to verify Hilda’s efforts as a new record very soon,” the statement read on their website. 

Hilda Baci commenced the bid to break the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking marathon by an individual on Thursday at 4 p.m. at Amore Gardens, Lekki, Lagos.

The former record holder, Chef Lata London, an Indian national in 2019, was bestowed the longest cooking marathon after 87 hours and 45 minutes of uninterrupted cooking, which has been broken by Baci.

Richmond Ampofo Fordjour
Richmond Ampofo Fordjour
Richmond Ampofo Fordjour is a Student Journalist at the University of Media, Arts, and Communication, Uni-MAC GIJ. He is a Research enthusiast and an avid reader.


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