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Enskinment of New Bawku Naaba will bring Peace, tranquility, Unity, and Prosperity to Bawku- Mamprugu Zaabuni Youth

The Mamprugu Zaabuni Youth for Development has said, the new enskinment of Bawku Naaba, Naa Alhaji Seidu Abagre (Kulga || )will birth the Bawku township with peace and unity so as put a halt to the prolonged conflict within the Bawku enclave.

According to the PRO of the Mamprugu Zaabuni Youth for Development, Mr. Mahama Issifu Mashood, the enskinment of Bawku Naaba is in the right direction as the new Chief has the chieftaincy locus to find the pragmatic measures to unite all opposing factions in the Bawku Chieftaincy conflict to bring lasting peace and tranquility.

Mr. Mashood called for the need to maintain the peace in the Bawku Municipality.

He said the area had enjoyed a considerable period of peace, adding, there’s a need to ensure that the peace they are enjoying now is safeguarded by putting all the necessary measures in place.

The group heaped praises on His Royal Highness, Naa Bohagu Mahami Abdulai Sheriga II,
and commended the security services, the Bawku Inter-ethnic Peace Committee, chiefs, and religious leaders among others who have all collaborated to ensure peace in Bawku.

Read below the Press Release



Ladies and gentlemen, a new dawn has come, an important and promising point to write the right long-standing wrongs of the past. A new dawn has come to correct and restore the distortions of the story of our ancestral and historical past.
On behalf of Mamprugu Zaabuni Youth for Development, I convey a congratulatory message to His Royal Highness, Naa Bohagu Mahami Abdulai Sheriga II on the occasion of his successful and historic enskinment of a legitimate Bawku Naaba, Alhaji Chief Seidu Abagre. We are lucky to have a King of Mamprugu with a lion’s heart and the boldness to take the decision to enskin a substantive chief for Bawku. Accept, Your Royal Highness, the assurance and commitment of the Youth of Mamprugu that we are solidly behind you in thick and thin in our determination to erase the wrongs of the past. The Youth of Mamprugu will like to use this opportunity to also congratulate the new and legitimate chief of Bawku on the occasion of his ascension to the high office of the Paramountcy of Bawku.

We call on the new Paramount Chief to take steps to unite all opposing factions in the Bawku chieftaincy conflict to ensure lasting peace. The Youth of Mamprugu is certain that with the enskinment of Chief Seidu Abagre, Bawku will soon witness prosperity, peace, unity, and progress.

The Youth of Mamprugu has observed events unfold for some time now. We had hoped that the long-standing twist of our history will be resolved through peaceful means. The question of chieftaincy rests with the appropriate lineage as stated clearly by the 1992 constitution.

We, therefore, question the ancestral lineage of Abugrago in ascending to the chiefdom of Bawku. We reiterate the firm position of our King that chieftaincy cannot and should not be determined by politicians whether past or present governments. Neither should it be determined by the long hands of governments through the Judiciary. The question of chieftaincy does not lie in the executive, the matter lies in the national house of chiefs. We are also challenging those alleging a Supreme Court ruling in 2003, to help Ghanaians by making the ruling available to help matters. We will like to also call on the National House of Chiefs to show interest in the matter by speaking to the authorities that matter, about how chieftaincy enskinments are done in general, and who qualifies to sit on a throne as a chief.
We invite sons and daughters of Mamprugu from far and near to avail themselves when a date is scheduled, to escort the Paramount Chief of Bawku to the land of our ancestor, Naa Gbewaa.

Long live Bawku
Long live our King
Long live the Mamprugu Kingdom.

Mahama Issifu Mashood

By Lawrence Odoom

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