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Highlights of UNIMAC–GIJ this week: the “EXAMB3KUMINGITIS” Infection takes over

 Do you feel nauseous and anxious? lightheaded and panicked? Does everything look grey all of a sudden? You’re not ill, you’re just scared of what you wrote in your IA’s.

It is a global phenomenon that most students are scared of examinations and tests. It’s no different in UNIMAC – GIJ. 

    This week in GIJ, the scheduled IA’s took place. As usual, there was a variety of reactions to the news.  From pen chewers to nail biters, everyone felt the heat. 

The highlight of the week though was the reactions of the students after their respective tests.

 The first group was the “smilies”. These are the group of people that come out of the exam hall smiling. No one knows if it’s because they believe they’ll do well or their answers were funny to them but they always come out with smiles.

The next category of students will be the “if crew”. These are the students that start the rest of the conversations of the day with; “if I had more time, I’d definitely have finished the work” or “if madam had not ceased my phone erh”.

    Our final category of students is the “frowners”. This group is very interesting because it’s not certain if they are just angry or they want to look serious but honestly, it’s just interesting to watch.

This week came with a variety of hurdles but I’m optimistic that the students of UNIMAC–GIJ can overcome them.

By Pokuaa Agyei 

Nene Odompleh
Nene Odomplehhttp://www.the1957news.com
The founder of the1957News, a Ghanaian news and entertainment website. He has years of experience in online publishing and content creation and has built a successful online news agency through apt content coverage, timely reporting, and attention to accuracy.


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