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How to Detect Early Signs of Testicular Cancer

One of the most commonest among cancers that affect males is testicular cancer. Testicular Cancer is considered the second most common cancer among males ranging between the ages of 15 and 45.

Testicular Cancer, according to healthcare professionals can be cured when detected early. Early detection of the signs and Symptoms of testicular cancer is possible when one does constant examination of his testicles. The testicle examination should be done at least once in a month in order to help an individual in the early detection of testicular cancer.

Follow the procedure below on how to examine your testicles for the signs and symptoms of testicular cancer.

How to Examine Your Testicles

  1. Take a shower to cool off your body and to relax your scrotum.
  2. Take one testicle at a time, role it in between your thumb and your fingers gently and see if you’re going to detect any lump or any pain.
  3. Rub your hands around the line at the backside of your testicles and check wether it has swollen or there is pain.
  4. Perform the same procedure for the other testicle.

Whenever you detect any of the signs and symptoms mentioned above, quickly rush to the nearest facility for a checkup before things get worse. This is because when the testicular is detected early, it makes it more easier for it to be treated.

Feature by Francis Nathaniel Mensah

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