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Titan Travel set to boost Tourism Industry in Ghana – Jeremiah Quayson

Titan Travel is set to boost the inbound, outbound, and Medical Tourism Industry in Ghana.

The wholly-owned Ghanaian company is looking to prioritize major areas of the tourism sector.

It has become a norm where people to travel outside Ghana for vacation and leave our heritage and culture behind to fade away. The Managing Director of Titan Travel, Mr. Jeremiah Quayson disclosed that it is time we promote African tourism and enjoy the true nature of the world.

“Africa is a blessed continent and we must utilize our resources. It is time to focus on African medical tourism and build a strong healthcare system in Africa,” he said.

Titan Travel was incorporated on 29th June 2022, as a limited liability company, under the Company’s Code of Ghana, Act 179, 1963. Titan Travel has been issued a certificate to commence business as a travel management service firm.

As part of its strategy, Titan Travels segments the travel services market into three categories – corporate travels, leisure travels, and retail/walk-in ticket sales and also develops a tourism business line in accordance with its corporate object and is IATA accredited.

Furthermore, Mr. Quayson called on Airlines and hotels to be considerate with pricing as the globe is facing tough economic challenges and look out for partnering with more local travel firms to build a good environment ahead of summer.

Nene Odompleh
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