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Tobinco Pharmaceuticals CEO offers Over $300,000 Free Financial assistance to the needy every month

CEO of Tobinco Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Samuel Amo Tobbin, has for the past twenty years been offering financial aid to the needy who troops in to appeal for aid from his foundation.

The Tobinco CEO attends to this huge number of people that gather at the Dr. Thomas Wyatt Temple, The Church of Pentecost, Malamata, every first Sunday of the Month, thus the Lord’s Super on the Church of Pentecost’s calender to offer them financial aid.

This financial support ranges from individuals who require funds to sort out medical bills, surgeries, transplants, school fees, educational costs, capital for startups, and other special needs. 

At the church premises, members and non-members who came by referrals were hopeful their pitiful stories would attract the benevolence of Dr. Samuel Amo Tobin. Some of them had visible signs of diseases like tumor growing around the eye, a kidney disorder infirm who had swollen feet and belly, cerebral palsy, vision impairment, diabetic swollen feet, and others. 

He interacts with them to ascertain their needs and gives cash as well as pledges to donate the amount needed to treat the various diseases and needs. The people who came at the mercy of his benevolence had hospital receipts, and documents which validated their status as he demanded them to avoid fraudulence. 

Others who have benefited from his charitable deeds also came to thank him and give testimonials of their prior and current status. In an interview, a young man praised the CEO for sponsoring his trip to India for treatment which cost $20,000 and he is now restored to good health. Others also expressed their gratitude to him for sponsoring their education. 

He was also committed to giving the needy and widows monthly stipends. In an interview, he stated that being touched by the individual’s condition, he readily donates any amount regardless. The gratuities he offered were huge as others were even in dollars. 

Samuel Amo Tobin is the Executive Chairman of the Tobinco Group of Companies, an umbrella entity that oversees the operations of seven distinct companies including, Tobinco Pharmaceuticals, Entrance Pharmaceuticals and Research Centre, Atinka Media Village, Abii National Savings and Loans, Priority Insurance, DOR Events, and Toblues Properties.

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