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Accra: Suspected Gay beaten to pulp

A young man was manhandled mercilessly in the hours of 8:00 pm in Accra Newtown on May 17, 2023, after he was allegedly caught in a same-sex affair by members of the Muslim community. 

The young married Muslim, Ibrahim Abdul Aziz as sources report, was beaten by a mob after he was caught red-handed having a same-sex affair with his partner in Accra Newtown, which happens to be a Muslim community.

The victim according to an eyewitness was manhandled mercilessly by the mob who are residents of the Muslim community who consider homosexuality as an abomination.

In the confrontation, Abdul Aziz was not afforded the chance to narrate the incident as he received slaps which were followed by gruesome beatings. He was admitted to the hospital (name withheld) after he suffered hefty punches and wounds which were evident in the blood that stained his dress.

According to Malik an eyewitness at the scene, Abdul’s trust was betrayed after a friend he confided his sexuality in betrayed him to this tragic situation. It is believed he deceived his family and the public about his sexuality under the guise of his early marriage after he was pressured to settle down.

“ I was home when I heard a lot of noise so when I came I saw the boys here calling someone gay. They said the guy told his friend that he wasn’t himself because he’s gay so I told his friend that he doesn’t like women but he’s attracted to guys and pleaded with his friend not to tell anyone but he ended up telling his other friends” he said

The eye witness further added that some years ago, Abdul’s uncle was allegedly caught in the same act and was lynched to death by enraged anti-LBGBTQI+ men in the community.

A private member’s anti-LGBTQI+ bill was tabled before Parliament and referred to the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee in November 2021. The bill’s proponents were seeking to criminalize the promotion and funding, advocacy, and partaking in LGBGQI+ and its related activities.  This was premised on initial anti-LGBTQ laws already in our constitution.



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