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Apietus prepares to break World’s Music Producer with most hits record

Apietus has revealed he is embarking on breaking the record of the producer with the most hits in the world as he continues his compilation.

The world sang the name of a determined Nigerian Cook, Hilda Baci who broke the longest cooking time record and set a new one of 100 hours. This has been followed by the quest of other individuals to break records and set the pedestal higher and Apietus happens to be one of them.

Ghanaian Music Producer, Appiah Dankwa who is popularly known in showbiz as Apietus has declared he has started putting the hit songs he produced together to submit to the Guinness World Record for him to be adjudged the Producer with the highest number of hits worldwide.

In an interview on TV3 newday, The Azonto fiesta hit Music producer said he was inspired by sensational Nigerian cook, Hilda Baci after she set a new record for the longest cooking hours.

Prior to that, he stated he was admonished to document his works for the generations to come to have cognizance of who he was. In the documentation process, he forgot some of the hits he had produced. However, DJs and even the artists themselves called his attention to them.

” I made so many hits that at some point I lost track of the hits” he stated

The Music Produced says he realized the World’s Record Holder for Most hits produced 232 songs, and he had compiled 205 at the time he noticed the record, hence he was spurred to add other hits to surpass the record.

He mentioned how he was inspired by Hilda Baci’s record after he got confused and stopped the documentation.

“This girl actually inspired me. The girl who cooked for 100 hours. So I went to Google and checked who is the Music Producer with the most number of hits and I realized it was a man who had most of his hits in Japan. All his songs were hit in Japan. And I was like I have more hits than this guy and I realized he had 232. Unless someone comes out into the world. If he is the guy with the most hits then I have beaten him”

Completing the compilation according to Apietus wouldn’t take long and he had some 50 hit songs to incorporate into the documentation.

He further revealed that though he produced all the songs he has listed, he owns part of them. For artists who pay him outright for the songs he produced, he allowed them to own the masters for themselves.

On Ghanaians supporting him, the Music Producer was optimistic Ghanaians will throw their weight behind him in breaking the record

“If Ghana Black Stars is playing against Nigeria or Japan you want Ghanaians to support Japan. If a Ghanaian is the world record holder and the man with the most number of hits is a Ghanaian, do you think Ghanaians will not support me The truth is the truth. Ghanaians know the song, they’ve heard it”

He is anticipating establishing the record and he will submit the document to the Guinness World Records for them to confer on him the honor

“I’m going to give it to Guinness World Record who will do their whatever because they have to put it on record that Appiah you are the Producer with the Highest number of hits Worldwide”

He has so far listed a number of hits which includes: Front and Back ft K.K Fosu, and Swagger ft. Sarkodie by Castro, Angelina, RunRun Sometin, Kakyere Me, Shordy by Praye, and many more.

Richmond Ampofo Fordjour
Richmond Ampofo Fordjour
Richmond Ampofo Fordjour is a Student Journalist at the University of Media, Arts, and Communication, Uni-MAC GIJ. He is a Research enthusiast and an avid reader.


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