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I don’t mind coming back to Funny Face – Embattled Baby Mama

Vanessa Nicole, Baby Mama of the Chorkor Trotro star, Funny face has expressed her desire for both lovers to come back together.

The love story of these two loverbirds has generated conversations on social media following their break up and the circumstances that surrounded it.

Vanessa Nicole, in an interview granted by Ghanaian Actor, Kwaku Manu has revealed she wants a comeback between her and Funny face but not as husband and wife, rather as co-parents.

She also admitted that, after the breakup, she hasn’t been engaged with anyone. She emphasized that, they coming back is not a sole decision to be made by her but the comedian is the one to initiate the decision as usually men do.

She however didn’t apportion full blame of their breakup to any of them but she shared the blame and said they are both responsible for the hitch that was experienced in their stay together.

“I will not say all the fault is from him, else I’m being a hypocrite. We will strike it 5/50. I did mine,he did his. He wasn’t patient neither was I.”

She also ascribed the glitch in their relationship to lack of ample time to study each other and how fast their romance happened which is also a factor in what happened. She didn’t leave out the challenge the birth of their twins brought as it was hard at some point for Funny face in handling twins.

“When we met, we didn’t get to know each other for long. Others stay for about 3,4 to 5 years so if he says I’m going with you he knows this what you can do. We met in September and I got pregnant In October.”

She maintained that, she wasn’t preventing Funny face from seeing his children and would readily allow him see the children if he puts out a desire to see them.

“It’s been more than a year since Funny Face saw his kids. The last time was when we came to visit him in Accra. I am not selfish, and those who know me can attest to that. I would love to hear him say, ‘Bring the kids over during vacation.’If he makes that request, I have no problem with it. We don’t have any animosity towards each other.” She said.

Richmond Ampofo Fordjour
Richmond Ampofo Fordjour
Richmond Ampofo Fordjour is a Student Journalist at the University of Media, Arts, and Communication, Uni-MAC GIJ. He is a Research enthusiast and an avid reader.


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