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I understand campaigns and elections completely, give me your unflinching support and vote for me – Afriyie-Ankrah to NDC

An aspiring General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Elvis Afiryie Ankrah has urged delegates of the party to give him unflinching support and vote for him massively in the forthcoming National Conference of the biggest opposition party in Ghana.

He reiterated that he has been at the forefront of three major campaigns playing different roles between 2002 and 2020. To that tail, he understands campaigns and elections quite thoroughly.

“If the NDC gets it right as a party by electing him, the whole country will get it right and if it gets it wrong the country will sink.”

He made these comments after submitting his forms at the Party’s headquarters in Accra on Wednesday, November 9.

“Take a moment and carefully think about the ramifications of putting the wrong people in the right offices. It’s akin to going fishing with a sharp shovel.

“This party is the last frontier of hope for the many hopeless people across this country and this election is the most hopeful thing that the people of this country are looking forward to this year. How we move forward as a party and a country is predicated largely on the outcome of this election. Every serious-minded person in our party should know that this is not just another election nor is it just another call to duty. This is a sacred opportunity bestowed on us by the people whose shoulders we stand on today to call ourselves The National Democratic Congress.

“The sweat and blood of our forebears cannot be allowed to waste because the prisons and dungeons they called home throughout the revolutionary struggles will bear a condemnation to us all if we make waste of their struggles.

“The sacrifices of the 1980s were endured by all primarily because farmers from Yeji to Dodi Papase where I was born, fishermen and women from Elmina to Denu, market women from Makola to Kumasi all knew then that if they could endure it one more time, they will be able to build a democracy, an economy and an enabling environment that will allow the fourth republic to thrive and last for the benefit of all. However, that fourth republic is under attack by a clueless bunch of people led by a man who could only be described as the greatest mistake of our democracy and the worst experiment of the fourth republic.

“As catastrophic as that is, the real nightmare is that we still must endure it till 2024 before help will come. However, there’s no special help coming from above, ladies and gentlemen there’s no calvary coming with the sunset or the roaring seas. We the National Democratic congress are the Calvary.”

By Lawrence Odoom



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