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UG’s Sarbah Hall Launches 60th Anniversary

The University of Ghana, Legon’s John Mensah Sarbah hall has launched its 60th anniversary on campus under the topic “Redefining quality residential services, adaptive technology and raising partnership” with varieties of objectives and activities.

Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, the vice president of the republic of Ghana, during Hall’s anniversary launch, made a call to all persons to continuously endeavor to make the hall the basic foundation of raising leaders. He mentioned that, just as the various halls have been able to house diversities of alumni, the younger ones must experience the same and thereby set an exemplary mark for the forthcoming generation.

“I say all this for a good reason. The sense of academic freedom in universities is sometimes mistaken for a license to leave behind all courtesies and decorum instilled by guardians and the world out there”.

Dr. Bawumia stated that some students regard tertiary institutions as a privilege and assumption to live an uncontrolled life coupled with unquestioned freedom which is quite opposite.

“To many, university life is a great opportunity for uncontrolled deviation from social norms and the assumption of freedoms without associated responsibilities”.

Speaking at the launch, the vice president made it known to the occupants, the importance of having someone like John Mensah Sarbah to mentor the hall and wished the yet to be in the university lodge at that specific hall.

At the mention of the hall’s motto, “Think and look ahead” translated into native language as “Dwen hw3 kan”, he said

“This is a vision that has shaped my own personality, compelling us all to play our own part in building institutions that generate new thinking, new ideas, modernizing political and economic governance”.

As part of the hall celebration, a visit will be paid to the Mensah Sarbah family. Some of the lined-up activities include; public lectures, site visits, health walks and screenings, games, dinner, awards night, then Christian and Muslim thanksgiving service.

Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia ended his speech by unveiling a statue of John Mensah Sarbah and the anniversary’s logo.

Story by Salome Kwaw.

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