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Bernard Avle fumes at Akufo-Addo over latest hike in fuel prices.

The host of the Citi Breakfast Show on the Accra-based Citi TV, Bernard Koku Avle, has compelled the government to take up the responsibility of ensuring that fuel prices are reduced in the country.

Speaking on the Citi Breakfast Show on Thursday, June 16, 2022, the astute journalist tasked the government with implementing measures to alleviate hardship in the country.

In his view, the current state of the petroleum industry has become a burden on Ghanaians, even the supposed high-income earners like himself.

In furtherance, he believes President Akufo Addo must remove some of the taxes that are making fuel prices go up each day as he promised before being given the mandate and rather ensure the petroleum industries like the Tema Oil refinery (TOR) are more efficient to help strategize the fuel sector.

“Take responsibility and give the people relief because it gets to a point people can not take it, so you have to do a pre-emptive reduction. You do things that show that you want to alleviate the plight of Ghanaians, that’s what you do,

“People are really suffering, even we who are supposedly high-income earners compared to average Ghanaians, look at us and the companies are also struggling with taxes everywhere… You can’t even refine your own oil, TOR is there I don’t even know how what they are doing. These are the issues you must deal with, you can’t have a revenue mindset for everything, reduce the taxes. You promised that you were going to remove taxes, that is what you said,” he fumed.

He also stressed on the production level in the country by saying that the level of production under this government is very low, so the government must solve the problem because that is the reason they were sent there.

“The production level in the country is very low, you can’t even produce more. TOR can’t refine our petroleum, we can not refine our cocoa, so do the needful and solve the problem because that is why you are in the Flagstaff house and I’m here on radio,” he said



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