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General Legal Council revokes Ama Governor’s application to be admitted to the Bar

The General Legal Council has revoked Ama Governor’s application to be admitted to the Bar, just two days before the scheduled call on Friday, October 20th.

In a letter addressed to Ama Governor, the council cited elements of public conduct prior to the application as the reason for denial.

However, the council mentioned that Ama can reapply for enrollment in the future and her conduct will continue to be monitored.

The letter read….

“The General Legal Council received the appropriate forms you completed to be called to the Bar, scheduled for 20th October 2023.

In line with the General Legal Council’s letter dated 13th March 2023, the Council was to monitor and observe your conduct during the time leading up to the submission of your application to be called to the Bar.

At the meeting of the General Legal Council held on Tuesday. 17th October 2023,

your application to be called to the Bar was declined on account of elements noted in your public conduct prior to the application.

It was decided that

  1. You may complete the appropriate forms for application to be called to the Bar, any time there is a scheduled enrollment ceremony after the 20 October 2023 enrollment ceremony.
  2. In the meantime, the Council will continue to monitor your conduct.”
Nene Odompleh
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