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GES to remove Agric science from the Basic School Curriculum is woeful

The overall District 2020 best farmer in the Twifo Atti-morkwa district who doubles as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)of Show Boys Farms Mr. Isaac Agyiri has indicated, the removal of Agriculture science from the Basic School curriculum was a woeful and inane decision by the Ghana Education Service (GES).

According to him, those who excavated the subject from the Basic School curriculum have committed a serious crime against Ghanaians thus it will be necessary to explain why the cancellation of the subject.

He made such remarks when interacting with four SHS within the District on a youth summit dubbed Youth in Agriculture.

“They say Agriculture is the backbone of every country so why the cancellation, this is a great disservice to the nation,” he said

He explained that Agric is the engine of the Ghanaian economy and so it has to be taught from the very basic level of education to give a clear knowledge of the essence of farming thereby impacting the children before they proceed to SHS level to continue the course adding that, it will make farming attractive to them.

He denoted that the removal of Agric subjects from the Basic School curriculum has dwindled the youth interest in farming, and this has contributed to the high unemployment rate in the country and also increased the government expenditure on food insecurity.

He admonished the youth to develop an interest in farming because there is more merit in the area of farming.

By Lawrence odoom



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