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BREAKING NEWS: Russian President, Vladimir Putin Allegedly Dead ?

According to MI6 sources, Russian President Vladimir Putin may have already died and been replaced by a body double. It comes after months of conjecture regarding the health of the warmonger.

British intelligence chiefs say Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin is already dead.
According to senior MI6 officials, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been severely unwell, and if he died, his cronies would keep the news quiet in order to preserve power for as long as possible.
Putin’s recent media appearances, according to a source, were almost certainly pre-recorded, according to the Daily Star on Sunday.
A body duplicate may have also been utilized at public events, such as the Victory Day Parade in Moscow earlier this month.
One intelligence source said: “Putin is very ill and when he dies his death will be kept secret for weeks, if not months.

“There is also the possibility that he is already dead. It’s impossible to know. It is believed that Putin has employed body doubles in the past when he has been unwell and the Kremlin could be doing so now.

“Putin is the head of a small group of senior officials who are completely loyal to him.
“The real fear (for his cronies) is that once his death is announced there could be a Kremlin coup and Russian generals will want to withdraw from Ukraine.

“Putin’s death will leave them powerless and vulnerable so they have a vested ­interest in saying that Putin is alive – when the reverse could be true.”
In recent months, the 69-year-health old’s has plainly deteriorated. He has been less mobile and his face has become swollen, prompting speculation that he may be suffering from blood cancer.
It’s popularly assumed that he’s on steroids or is undergoing cancer treatment, as he appears puffy-faced.
Putin is “extremely ill with blood cancer” and underwent surgery before invading Ukraine, according to a Russian businessman with deep ties to the Kremlin.

Source : Daily Star



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