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Gov’t Budget Against Black Stars Match ~ Nene Odompleh writes

Dear Ghana, for your information the 2023 budget has been read and some taxes have been introduced and some revised.

The government decided to act smart on the reading of the budget because they know the majority of Ghanaians will pay attention to every tiny detail of the budget if it is read on an ordinary day.

Have you considered the reason the budget was read today? Is this just a coincidence? A straightforward analogy, however, suggests that the big guys chose today to read the budget because Ghanaians are tired of everything that is happening and will undoubtedly opt to decompress by cheering for the Stars rather than paying attention to the budget.

Quick details to note from the Budget are;

1. VAT has been increased from 12.5 % to 15%

2. E-Levy rate reduced from 1.5% to 1%

3. Government approves hiring freeze for civil and public servants, effective January 2023.

4. No more use of V8 and V6 from 2023 except for Cross Country travel.

5. Government to expand LEAP, and other social protection programs.



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