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Provide Sanitation Infrastructures To Help Achieve Proper Waste Management – Eng. Solomon Noi To Government

Head of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly’s waste management department, Ing. Solomon Noi has urged the government to invest in sanitation infrastructure to help achieve proper waste management.
On Wednesday, June 8, 2022, Ing. Noi made this suggestion while facilitating a training session on the theme “Zero Waste Accra” for environmental health officers from various municipalities in the Greater Accra region at La Dade Kotopon Municipal Assembly.

According to him, the reason Ghana has not been able to achieve a higher mark in waste management is that various governments throughout the country’s history have not invested well in terms of providing infrastructure to help achieve the desired goal of good sanitation that comes with properly managing our waste.

“The funniest thing is that no government in the history of Ghana has been able to invest in building facilities that will help increase the proper management of waste as a country but rather build infrastructures for sporting and entertainment events such as Stadia and national theater as well as conference centers” He explained.

He added that investing in sanitation infrastructure is the reason countries like Japan and others have been able to eradicate issues of improper waste management that result in flooding even though they are situated in the middle of an ocean.
Ing. Noi suggested to The1957news after the program that if the government of Ghana builds at least one sanitation infrastructure in each region of the country, it will help eradicate the country’s poor sanitary practices.

“Apart from the donor agencies At least one infrastructure in every region will serve as a lot of goods and that will mean less amount will be demanded from the clients who are the generators of the will.” He proposed.

Engineer Solomon Noi was a key trainer at the training for environmental health officials organized by GOYA to improve the Zero Waste Accra project and long-term plastic waste management



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